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Escape Room/Mystery Live Action Role Play

Intel has suggested that there may be an attack at a dinner of many VIPs. Suspect Dr. Live, M.I., has developed a virulent poison, could he infiltrate the dinner plans and terrorize the dinner party. Your crew’s job is to investigate and to protect the citizen’s from a potential attack. Solve puzzles, find codes, and unlock clues in a rush to save the guests.

Join us as we take the video game world to real life puzzle solving. Find clues and race the clock to save the world, or at least the VIPs.

This is event is done in groups and it takes time. Sign your group up by calling the library. Event takes 30 minutes to complete or fail.

We can take eight groups. Groups can be any size. You must sign up in order to participate. The first group starts at 1 PM sharp and other groups will start 30 minutes afterward. (Time slots are filled on a first come first serve basis.) Can you escape the terror plot and solve the mystery?

Should inclement weather occur we will re-schedule at a later date. This will be a repeating event with different themes.

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